Power Of Positive Attitude

“Nothing can stop the person with right mental attitude from achieving their goal.
Nothing on earth can help the person with wrong mental attitude”.
Thomas Jefferson

Attitude may be defined as the view point, perspective reaction, outlook towards the happenings/surrounding circumstances. A person with positive attitude knows where his strengths weaknesses and scope lays.
Almost all the religious texts, thinkers and modern age public motivators emphasize on development of a positive outlook towards adverse situations in particular and life in general.
Right attitude is developed as a result of culmination of many positivities over a period of time. It is something which can be felt by others. The value and importance of such a positive attitude can be gauged from a simple example;

  •    The rescuer and the drowning man are in the same rough waters, under the fury of mother nature, but what differs them is the attitude which they have.  

As a candidate for Civil Services Exams, not only the study material, but also good health is something of great importance. There is a direct relationship between a positive attitude and superior health which in turn guarantee’s greater success.

According to the researches carried out in Mayo Clinic positive thinking not only reduces levels of distress but also provide greater resistance to common cold, Cardio circular issues and even cancer.

Some of the ways to develop such a vital aspect of life are:-
• By modifying one’s behavior by consciously discarding negative thoughts.
• By being optimistic and thankful & grateful to the God for so many things which many others long for
• By prioritizing the most important goals and setting achievable targets.
• By turning challenges into opportunities for learning; (Rather than hitting the wall climbing the wall or just go around).
Thus we can easily conclude that a positive attitude brings positivity, along with good health which in turn brings success, which further brings happiness in life.


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